Hello and welcome to my website! I am an accredited Counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy based in Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Counselling is a type of talking therapy that gives you the freedom to talk about your feelings and problems in a confidential and non judgemental space. The aim being to work with you enabling you to overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or preventing you from being able to enjoy everyday life

As your Counsellor my role is to listen and not judge. A counselling conversation it not like a conversation with family or friends. It isn't about me, it is all about you. I won't tell you about someone else's similar experience or my experience, the focus is on you and how I can best support you.

There are many different types of Counsellor, I am a Humanistic Person Centred Counsellor, which means that we go at your pace and talk about what you want to.

I will help you to explore anything in the past that is holding you back, recognise your own potential and further your personal growth.